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Moving Air Since 1959

Samuel Tepp Associates is a sixty-year-old manufacturer’s representative for air distribution, air movement, and ventilation control products in the commercial and industrial HVAC industry. We provide support to New York and New Jersey consulting engineers, contractors, and project owners to ensure that projects develop with the most efficient and cost-effective approaches. Samuel Tepp has personnel with mechanical engineering degrees, design experience and long-term industry experience who can provide assistance during project design, construction, and commissioning.




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Product Spotlight


New Manufacturer for all territories: Thermaduct

Thermaduct is a pre-engineered duct system that incorporates the duct, insulation and cladding all in one high performance product. The duct system is available in a variety of thicknesses that supply R-8 through R-24 insulation value. Other manufacturer's systems use tapes, adhesives, field cut filler insulation at joints and screws on outer assembly, which experience degradation over time. Thermaduct uses a patented heat or chemical welded seam to ensure impervious water and air integrity and the actual duct connection is as simple as a standard TDF type connection making joint assembly quick and easy.


Engineering News

Samuel Tepp Associates is actively supporting the ever increasing application needs for gas monitoring systems and garage ventilation through our representation of INTEC Controls and we can incorporate items such as Systemair jet fans.

The current New Jersey and New York building and mechanical codes require gas monitoring in enclosed parking garages and in many mechanical rooms. These monitoring systems range from single gas and single location sensing to hundreds of sensors reacting to multiple gas types, providing control signals to large numbers of variable speed supply and exhaust fans, and integration with building management systems.

In addition to garage gas monitoring we provide gas monitoring systems for virtually any other gas monitoring application including refrigerant machinery spaces, industrial facilities, and medical applications. Our support includes design assistance to locate and specify control panels and sensors and transmitters, providing wiring diagrams, system start-up and commissioning, and the recalibration and recommissioning required by code for every system during its life. Our representation of multiple manufacturer’s products enables us to provide complete ventilation solutions for virtually any application.


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